Big prints

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Don’t you really like these big frame prints? Well I do! I’m thinking about getting one for our bedroom, over the bed. You can find the pictures at my pinterest :)

Beautiful design

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I’m absolutely in love with this layout!! How something so simple can turn out so perfect. You can check it out yourselves at You find the Mockup design here.

New pens

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  Just got my new pens and had to try them straight away! I’ll let u know which ones are my favorites, I just have to sketch a liiiitle more first ;)

Sneak Peak

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  Sneak peak på ett nytt projekt jag håller på med….! Sneak peak of a new project I’m working on…!

Sketching away

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  One of many, many sketches made with my wacom tablet. It’s great when you just want to clear your head or to get the creativity started… :) 

Interior stylist

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  För ett tag sedan hjälpte jag inredningskonsulten Isabel att utforma hennes företags nya grafiska profil. Hemsidan skulle kännas lätt och luftig men innehålla mycket text och vara informativ, och såhär blev resultatet! Gå gärna in … Read More