Co-architecture in a single family home

The Affleck house served as a protecting, single family home for the Affleck's until they passed. Then the house was donated to Lawrence Technological University and has never served as a home since. My idea is to bring this historical piece of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture to life again and let it be used rather than looked at. It will now be a small Bed & Breakfast for whatever needs the universty may have, such as visiting proffesors in need of a place to stay for a couple of months. I've made small changes in order to keep the house true to its previous life and the house can still be used for the guided tours and gatherings. 



You walk on a paved path when to your left a single gate peeks with its loneliness. In the middle of an overgrown field with the forest in the background this gate tells you that once it had a purpose, it lead somewhere. It makes you linger in thought of what it once was and why it's not anymore.

The addition to the site made by me is a physical frame placed a few meters away from the gate, shown in the isonometric. 

Peak 163

The town hall serves many purposes, combining the extremes of complete privacy and social inclusion. Peak 163 aspires to be the meeting point between Spånga and Tensta and to become a landmark for both

municipalities in the open landscape where the borders meet. My focus has been to satisfy the two extremes -private & open - so as a visitor you can walk all the way to the top, with access to some bit of every story. At the same time the people working in the building have secure, privat spaces at every story. Restaurants, cafés and other rooms for gathering has been placed in the bottom and at the top, so that the best views and the green outdoor spaces are open for everyone to use, for the people living here.

The green path

When visiting Hallonbergen volountary culture school it was clear that they lacked visibilty and rooms for their creative and important organisation for the youth of Hallonbergen. In this assignment I chose to make culture and sports spread out more in the area, having rooms to hire and fields to play on in the space where everyone moves. I opened up a new, green path for pedestrians and bikes as the central part of the new housing leading you down to the water from the new town hall.


Parkaden intervention

With these flexible, movable elements you can change a central parking house to a high class art gallery in one day. It could be on just the top floor or spread out through more stories depending of the size of the exhibition.

P3 - a place to perform and a place to hide

With this project I wanted to highlight the confliciting personality of an extroverted introvert, hiding the anxious aftermath of a social gathering under the ground. The stage, the performance, happens in the open and light space but afterwards my character enters the darkness underground, not seen by anyone else.

P2 - the changing stage open to the sky

My extroverted character with introverted needs wanted a place to perform, but also to hide. An object from P1 digs out the shape of the stage showing the slanted site. The movable walls gives the option to open up to the world or close completely, giving a shelter from everything but the open sky.

Persona + personal objects

In our continuing work from P1 to P2, a persona to inhabit our architecture was created. These are the sections through my character "Frida" and her personal objects. She is the center of atention around others, but her extrovert personality is just a shield to protect her inner, true self.

P1 - The journey of objects

My very first assignment in my architecture studies, working with many small assignments where your last decision determines the start of your next.